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Gospel Plan of Salvation

Hear the Word of God. . .Romans 10:14

Obey from the heart that form of doctrine which has been once and for all delivered to the saints. . .Romans 6:17

Believe, Trust and Obey the truth of God's Message. . .Mark 16:16

Repent of your sins so that you might not perish. . .Luke 13:3

Confess Jesus Christ before men in order that He might confess you before the father. . . Matthew 10:32

Be buried (baptized) with Christ --- raised to walk in newness of life. . .Romans 6:3-5

Walk in the Light so that the Blood of Christ might cleanse you. . .1 John 1:9

Put on the "whole" armor of God that you might stand in the last day. . .Ephesians 6:11

Let your righteousness exceed that of the scribes and Pharisees in order to enter Heaven. . Matthew 5:20

Remain faithful unto death and He will give you a crown of life. . .Revelation 2:10


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